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Mission And Vision


Sai Biz Associates, a dedicated recruitment firm have a mission to offer its clients genuine human resource solutions to sustain in the competitive market. With our diverse network and devoted employees, we are a fast, unrelenting and quality conscious in our missions. We work endlessly with a diversity of business alternatives for our customers making us highly successful recruitment solution providers. We are here for our clients to strike good deals - that is our obsession. Over the years, we have developed a strong global network of budding business associates among industrial companies, financial companies, private equity firms and other corporate allies.


Our vision is to provide your hiring teams a precise illustration of the executive search industry. We work as a standalone consultant, to study the accessibility of appropriate candidates working for correlated businesses. We intend to act as a mediator to explore whether the individual might be interested in changing the employer or not. We also carry out early screening of the candidate, discussions on remuneration and the employment deal. On one hand we have a team where We are basically a headhunting firm involved in focused staffing services and use to source candidates for all categories like executives or other top positions in the organizations and on the other hand we have a team which takes care of bulk and rank and file positions recruitment. In all we are complete One Stop Recruitment Shoppe. If you have any recruitment to be done, we have a customised solutions available for it.


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